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Have you been wanting to lose weight but can’t seem to get with it?

Have a Weight Loss Epiphany!

My program for weight loss includes four Hypnotic Sessions, four HypnoMeditations and the Weight Loss Epiphany Workbook to make the life changes needed to lose and maintain your weight for life.

 This isn’t a diet. This is a way of life from here on out that you can use at home & at your own pace.

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Call today for your free hypnosis evaluation.  You’ll start Thin & Healthy Thinking as you drop weight and those old habits that triggered you in the past.

Take Back Your Breath and Freedom!

The Easiest Way to Quit Smoking.



Smoking steals your health and empties your wallet. 

Smoking is not your friend. 

Release the cravings and take charge of your life.

Hypnosis for Children


Give your child the edge they need! Whether it’s test improvement, excellence in athletics, overcoming fears or anxiety, Indiana Hypnosis Center can help.

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