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Wanting to lose weight

Have a Weight Loss Epiphany!

My program for weight loss includes four Hypnotic Sessions, four HypnoMeditations and the Weight Loss Epiphany Workbook to make the life changes needed to lose and maintain your weight for life.

The Easiest Way to Quit Smoking

Smoking steals your health and empties your wallet.

Smoking is not your friend.

Release the cravings and take charge of your life.

Hypnosis for Children

Give your child the edge they need! Whether it’s test improvement, excellence in athletics, overcoming fears or anxiety, Indiana Hypnosis Center can help.

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Indiana Weight Loss Strategies - Visualization - www.IndianaHypnosisCenter.com

Indiana Weight Loss Strategies – Visualization

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Indiana Weight Loss Strategies – Visualization   The Power of Visualization in Weight Loss      You get that kind of floaty feeling and that glazed look in your eyes.    Someone says, “Snap out of it!”    You come to yourself and realize you’ve been day dreaming.    You are supposed to imagine you

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Quit Smoking Now - www.IndianaHypnosisCenter.com

Quit Smoking for Good

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Quit Smoking for Good    You’re smoking and you know it’s bad for you, but you just can’t seem to quit for long. So, now what?      Wait a sec.      I’m not going to hit you with a bunch of stats on how cigarettes affect your health. You’ve probably heard all that

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healthy lifestyle - www.IndianaHypnosisCenter.com

Indiana Weight Loss – Fitlandia Fitness

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Indiana Weight Loss – Fitlandia Fitness    If you’ve ever struggled maintaining a weight loss goal you’ve achieved, you’re in good company.     It’s so frustrating to spend all the time and effort, just to slowly or quickly lose your focus and blow all that good work.      What would be great is

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10 Tips How to Lose Weight - www.IndianaHypnosisCenter.com

10 Tips How to Lose Weight

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My Best 10 Tips to Lose Weight    Weight loss can be a bear so I looked for ten of the most popular weight loss tips around. This can get you started and help with those times when you just want to chuck it!    Let’s face it; your body and mind are dynamos for

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Weight Loss in Indiana - www.IndianaHypnosisCenter.com

Indiana Weight Loss

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Indiana Weight Loss    Weight loss in Indiana can be a struggle, you know? I have struggled with it, and it’s the most asked question in my hypnotherapy practice, “Do you work with weight loss hypnosis?”    Yes, I do work with clients on their weight loss journey. Doctors send me their patients and satisfied

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Smoke Free - www.HypnosisCenter.com

How to Quit Smoking Tips with Hypnosis – Session Three

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 How to Quit Smoking Tips with Hypnosis – Session Three      This week, we’ll take a good look at Session Three of our how to quit smoking session.  We’ve already had the first session where our Smoker releases all of his past and current triggers and cravings.  He also pulled his future self back

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